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At SMVT, we know the laws surrounding the internet, and we know innovation. Perhaps most importantly, we know that the laws concerning social media are rapidly changing, especially for innovative companies. We can advise clients in a broad range of web-specific issues, including domain name disputes, privacy policies and terms of service, website legal audits and e-commerce issues.

Though the internet can sometimes seem like the Wild West, there are many federal and international regulations that govern cyberspace. Whether you’re operating a retail startup with an e-commerce portal, or a complex data-collection company, there are laws you must comply with. Many of these regulations can carry stiff penalties. At SMVT, we can aid clients in ensuring they do not run afoul of the rules.

When working with clients on internet law issues, we make every effort to understand our clients’ businesses and their technological issues in order to provide the best possible legal advice. We pride ourselves on our ability to explain technology to judges and juries, and to draft legal documents that accurately and understandably capture our clients’ intentions.

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