Intellectual Property Law

The world has never been so connected. Publications that were once distributed only locally or regionally are now seen by millions of people around the world. In our tech-savvy society, creative content can be shared– or stolen– easily. Copyrights and trademarks are more important than ever. Our intellectual property lawyers know how to protect journalists, authors, artists, designers and business owners against infringement.

We appreciate the value and importance of the trademarks, service marks and advertisements that help businesses separate themselves from their competitors. We work to protect these invaluable assets. Our attorneys also understand the value of trade secrets such as customer lists, internal processes and other information that must stay confidential.

In tandem with our First Amendment and Communications Law practice and our representation of publishers and broadcasters, we protect the work of creative people and organizations by helping them identify, document, secure and protect their intellectual property.

When our clients are accused of infringement, we know what defenses may be available to them and we work diligently to present those arguments.

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