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Insurance issues can arise in many situations, sometimes unexpectedly. Our insurance law team has an extensive history in dealing with coverage and related matters, including:

  • Crop Insurance Claims. Our firm is adept at handling time-sensitive crop-hail and multi-peril (MPCI) insurance claims. We have successfully represented North Carolina growers to pursue claims denied or improperly adjusted by insurance companies. For example, Mike Tadych created damages analyses that positively resolved more than 35 lawsuits by North Carolina tobacco farmers against crop insurers for unfair settlement practices.
  • Fire, Property and Casualty Insurance Claims. Our attorneys have extensive experience representing clients whose property has been damaged, or with claims related to their property. Insurance companies have accepted payment from their policyholders, and sometimes they must pay to cover related claims. Whether your claim involves commercial, homeowner or other property coverage, we can help to make sure you are treated fairly by your insurer.
  • Flood Insurance Claims. Traditional insurance policies usually do not provide flood coverage. Typically, such coverage must be purchased through the National Flood Insurance Program, either through private carriers or directly from FEMA. Our attorneys have represented both policyholders and insurance professionals regarding errors in the flood insurance purchasing process. It is important to remember that federal law requires strict compliance with all stated deadlines.
  • General Insurance Coverage Disputes. No matter where your insurer is headquartered, they must comply with North Carolina statutes when serving policyholders in our state. We regularly work with policyholders, brokers, agencies and carriers to assess coverage, interpret policy documents and handle any disputes that may arise.
  • Insurance Agent and Broker Errors and Omission. If you believe your claim has been unfairly denied, or if you are an insurance professional facing a claim for failure to procure coverage, we can help. Our attorneys regularly represent both policyholders and insurance agents and brokers in coverage disputes.
  • Life and Accidental Death Insurance Claims. After a tragedy, the last thing you want to worry about is a complicated insurance policy. Our attorneys can assist you in evaluating the common issues of life and accidental death insurance claims. Let us handle the insurance company if your claim has been denied.
  • Unfair and Bad Faith Insurance Practices. Insurance companies do not always treat their customers fairly. Sometimes they engage in illegal sales and claims practices. If an insurance salesperson has misrepresented a policy to you, or if your insurer refuses to pay a legitimate claim, you may be in a position to assert a bad faith or unfair practices claim against your insurer.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance Audit Defense. Every year, workers’ compensation policies are audited. Sometimes, the insurance company makes mistakes in those audits. If your company is assessed with a premium that you believe is incorrect, SMVT may be able to help.

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