Entertainment Law

SMVT’s entertainment law practice provides a range of services to clients involved in print media, television, film, theater, visual arts, publishing, music and interactive industries.

There is no universally accepted definition of what constitutes “entertainment law.” At SMVT, we regularly counsel clients on issues involving a wide scope of legal practice areas, including intellectual property, first amendment and communications, contracts, corporate law, employment and litigation.

We are unique in our fundamental understanding of the entertainment industries. In traditional legal areas, knowledge of relevant cases and regulations is sufficient for lawyers to practice. But an entertainment lawyer must also understand how the client does business within the industry.

Our attorneys’ diverse areas of focus allow us to work as a team to provide comprehensive representation to entertainment clients, including:

  • artists and designers
  • actors
  • musicians
  • promoters
  • photographers
  • authors
  • publishers
  • media, film and television companies
  • talent
  • professionals

We understand the distinct business considerations our entertainment clients face. We make sure we thoroughly know our clients’ individual goals so that they can focus on achieving them while we handle their legal issues.

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