FBI refuses to release information on “feminine hygiene product” Patrick Cannon used as pretext to accept bribe

WFAE has reported that the FBI has refused to release information about a “feminine hygiene product” former Charlotte mayor Patrick Cannon claimed to want to develop. The product was used as a pretext to accept a bribe from an undercover FBI agent, leading to Cannons indictment on corruption charges.

WFAE requested records related to the product, but the the FBI denied access, claiming that release “could reasonably be expected to interfere with enforcement proceedings.”

The story quotes SMVT attorney Mike Tadych in response:

“It’s tough to reconcile what we know are the facts of the case and the FBI’s response to the FOIA request,” says Mike Tadych, a Raleigh-based attorney who handles Freedom of Information Act — or FOIA — cases.

Tadych is skeptical of the FBI’s claim, since Cannon is already in prison.

“If there’s no one else involved, it’s difficult to understand how it could interfere with ongoing police proceedings,” says Taydch.

You can read (or listen to) the full story here.