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Intellectual Property Law - Stevens Martin Vaughn and Tadych, PLLC

In the Age of the Internet, ideas are easy to steal and creative content – whether embodied in a newspaper article, a television broadcast, a photograph or a doctoral dissertation — is easy to copy.  Publications that formerly were distributed only locally or regionally now are exposed instantly to millions of eyes peering at private and government computer screens around the world.

In the wide and raucous world of cyberspace, satellites and smart phones, copyrights and trademarks are more important than ever. Our First Amendment and intellectual property lawyers know how to protect journalists, authors, artists and business owners against copyright and trademark infringement, defamation suits and government censorship.

We also appreciate the value and importance of the trademarks, service marks and advertisements whereby businesses build brand loyalty, differentiate themselves from their competitors, and establish the quality and reliability of their goods and services. Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but when it goes too far, we work to protect these intangible but invaluable assets.

Our attorneys also understand and appreciate the value and importance of trade secrets such as customer lists, internal processes and other information that derives its value from its confidentiality.

In tandem with our First Amendment and Communications Law practice and our representation of publishers and broadcasters, Michael Tadych, Amanda Martin and Hugh Stevens work to protect the output of creative people and organizations by helping them identify, document, secure and protect their intellectual property. Mr. Tadych and Ms. Martin regularly advise reporters, authors, painters, singers, publishers, photographers and other creative people about how to use copyright and other legal processes to protect and document the publication and circulation of their works. Mr. Tadych and Mr. Stevens recently advised a nationally-known broadcaster in contract negotiations relating to the development of news and information programming, and both also have litigated important and complex trademark ownership and infringement issues in the federal courts. Each of our intellectual property lawyers regularly counsels newspapers and other news organizations concerning copyright and ownership issues, including their right to make “fair use” of material created or compiled by others.