Wednesday, April 23, 2014 09:20:30 PM

Hugh Stevens Reflects on Boyce v. Cooper Settlement

Recently, SMVT partner Hugh Stevens offered his insights into the Boyce v. Cooper litigation. The lawsuit, in which Dan Boyce sued Roy Cooper for libel, unexpectedly settled last week. Hugh has written some reflections on the settlement. The surprise settlement of the 14-year-old libel suit that Dan Boyce and his family filed against Attorney General Roy […]

Hugh Stevens Writes on Boyce v. Cooper

On his blog, About the First Amendment, SMVT partner Hugh Stevens writes articles and commentary about the First Amendment, society and history. In a recent post, Hugh offered his insights into the upcoming Boyce v. Cooper trial. The lawsuit, in which Dan Boyce sued Roy Cooper for libel, grows out statements made in the 2000 election cycle. […]

Amanda Martin Quoted on NC Crime Victims' Privacy

WRAL reports that the North Carolina Department of Public Safety recently took down a website that included the personal information of crime victims, including rape victims, who had applied for financial assistance from the state. According to the article, the Crime Victims Compensation Commission also openly discussed cases using victim’s names and personal details during open […]

Amanda Martin Quoted on Public Records

The Charlotte Observer quoted SMVT partner and general counsel to the North Carolina Press Association Amanda Martin on whether a criminal investigation could prevent release of public documents. Routine documents or emails that aren’t subjected to any specific privilege would still be public even though the feds are still investigating. You can read the full […]

Hugh Stevens Speaks on Jefferson, Madison and the 'Wall of Separation' Between Church and State

Hugh Stevens spoke to the Raleigh Kiwanis Club on Friday, April 4 about “Jefferson, Madison and the ‘Wall of Separation’ Between Church and State.”   The talk was based on an article posted on Hugh’s First Amendment blog.  You can read the full article here.