Monday, December 22, 2014 05:30:42 AM

Our Billing Philosophy

Our fundamental philosophy is to charge our clients fair and reasonable fees. To that end:

  • We will spell out our fee arrangements with you in a written agreement.
  • We will keep our overhead low and work efficiently; consequently, our charges will be competitive with, and often less than, the rates quoted by other law firms for attorneys of comparable ability and experience.
  • We will not charge you extra for any of our basic overhead expense. All costs specially incurred by us in connection with handling your representation, such as travel expenses, courier services, filing and court reporting fees, and outside copying fees will be itemized on our invoices without markup.
  • All work on your matter will be assigned to the staff members who have the expertise to handle your representation at the lowest cost to you.
  • We will not involve any more attorneys or staff members to your representation than are necessary to handle it competently.
  • Our invoices will explain in detail all work performed on your behalf, who did the work, and how much time the work required.
  • If you dispute or have a question about any of our charges, we will listen to you and do our best to satisfy your concerns.
  • For your convenience we offer online bill payment.