NTIA Best Practices for Drones

May 19, 2016 Uncategorized

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration, charged by President Obama, has developed voluntary best practices for privacy, accountability and transparency issues related to the use of drones (unmanned aircraft systems or UAS).  Recognizing the strong First Amendment interests held by news gathering and news reporting organizations — and the public reliance on “an independent press to gather and report the news and ensure an informed public” — the Best Practices don’t apply to news agencies.  In some detail, the Best Practices urge non-media to

:: inform others of your use of UAS

:: show care when operating UAS or collecting and storing covered data

:: limit the use and sharing of covered data

:: secure covered data and

:: monitor and comply with evolving federal, state and local UAS laws.

To see the Best Practices in full detail, click here: UAS Best Practices

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